One day we were chatting on how cool it would be to find an actual online publication for digital nomads on the web. The digital nomad community grows fast around the globe, and all we have is a couple of blogs, lists, and Facebook groups? Not fair!

The next thought was, “LET’S CRACK ON!” So we are proud to say that we’ve created the first online media for digital nomads covering every aspect of our fucking awesome lifestyle. Join and let’s make it big together. Write for us! 

Badass Times is not only a publication. It’s a community with social media built in! Yes, it’s Facebook for digital nomads, where you can add friends, publish posts, promote your shit and brag the heart out. And this is just the start. We have so many more features coming up!


Self-improvement is cool, and we love it. That’s why we are gathering all the badass experts in the world in Wisdom to share knowledge, show off the expertise, and learn from each other. The time has come, so crush it!


Nomad news? Por favor, and shit. Check all the fresh cuts on what’s new on Earth and other planets (hey, Elon!) for the digital community in our WTF!Heard/read something that is not yet on Badass Times? Play reporter, post it here, and we’ll make you famous.


The Word was first. With the Word, you can create the Universe, save the planet, or even kill. You can also use words to create badassery. WORD is a place for the best stories around digital nomadism. Check the categories and join the party.

And who is rocking it?

Victoria Loskutova
Victoria Loskutova

Victoria Loskutova is the Queen of Badass Empire, Chief Creative Officer of Badass Times, journalist, and rebel. She started with the idea of a virtual conference for digital professionals – Badass Summit – in 2019 when online events were not yet mainstream. Based in Lisbon, Portugal, she has organized a dozen offline events to inspire and educate the digital community.

Stewart Rogers
Stewart Rogers

Badass Empire would not have been so badass without the King, of course. Stewart Rogers joined a promising endeavor right away. He is Editor-in-Chief of Badass Times, a badass tech guy, journalist, famous digital nomad with no abode, speaker at most global conferences you can name, founder of multiple startups with two exits, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist. 

Within one year and during the most badass times for co-founders personally and the whole world, the Badass Empire project has grown into several services and a fucking actual publication for digital nomads! 

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