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Hashimoto chronicles: How I used sickness to build my biz during lockdown

Image by Eva Galant

Six years on a constant journey, thirty-five countries visited, living mostly in the aircraft. My friends started calling me a “jet setter.” Today I hardly leave the house.

I worked as an independent consultant and had enough of it. My professional growth was on the zero mark. What I wanted was a good stable career, but with the same crazy unpredictable nomad lifestyle and travel. Friends were asking me to grow up, but I didn’t give a dang.

Be afraid what you dream of, they say. Soon I was hired as a Global Expansion Manager, and real adventure began.

I left London for this unreal trip around the globe.

First stop Sydney (via Dubai): attending training and meeting my new colleagues. Less-than-four-days trip and I almost got rid of the jet lag.

Next stop: New York. Changing in Honolulu, meeting my boss, and the global team. My suitcases are already on their way to Perth. Three days later I’m flying after them off to Perth via the UAE.

One and a half weeks and I couldn’t remember my origins and my name. Hashimoto was not so happy too. Please, meet my autoimmune disorder.

Traveling with Hashimoto

Hashimoto is when the immune system attacks thyroid (a butterfly-shaped gland that sits low on the front of the neck) and pretty often turns it to hypothyroid that doesn’t produce enough of certain crucial hormones.

What else does it mean? Shit ton of conditions:

  • no gluten
  • no sugar
  • no processed food
  • no cardio or intense workouts
  • 8 hours of sleep – mandatory
  • minimum stress and alcohol

Strict diet, special routine, twelve supplements a day, stress control, and prescribed hormones while rushing to the airport, boarding at 4 am with a meeting at 9 am later in another country without a shower and a brecky? Aha, right. Sometimes my life felt like bloody hell on Earth. To continue was to sign an agreement with the devil because I could feel like I had the worst hangover ever without having a drop of booze, every day.

“Normal” life is not so scary

Before leaving for Australia, I met someone sweet in London. But going back was frightening. I was afraid I would regret it, looking for a regular job gave me chills too. However, I took the risk, left paradise, and went back to the place I used to call home.

Well, it all went well. I started to think about my own company, which would help people with Hashimoto. Full of enthusiasm and courage I made a plan. Freaking Covid didn’t stick to my plan. But I developed plan B.

It is possible to build a business online and remotely. It is possible to have all meetings and calls virtually. Everything is possible if you want your dreams to come true. My typical day starts with a business breakfast with enterprising women in London, pitch training in Berlin in the afternoon, and video calls with my mentor in California in the evening. Not bad, I changed regular TGIF to Thank God We Have Internet!

So my startup Hashiona was born during the pandemic. It works as a virtual clinic. The mobile application helps patients following the symptoms of the disease and monitor habits such as sleep, sports activities, diet, and the number of consumed fluids. Users can select particular periods and download pdf reports for a doctor’s review. AI built in the app suggests supplements and a change of habits, if required. The program also checks hormone intake and monitors stress levels. All the communication between patients and doctors is held also through the app.

Since March, I have been locked down (yes, I know, you too). I moved from the apartment in central London to a house with a garden in the countryside, where I live together with my partner now, who also works remotely. I haven’t traveled anywhere, I rarely even go shopping (after all, what’s a partner for? 😉 ). My only entertainment is walking or cycling if the weather allows. Am I happy now? Hell yeah!

Life after nomading exists. And sometimes settling down and having a peaceful slow-ish existence is all we need. Just trust your gut, do what you love, and believe in yourself. Covid can go fuck itself, we are badass enough to thrive even in the middle of the pandemic. Stay safe and be healthy!

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Written by Eva Galant

I was a nomad back then. Founder & CEO of Hashiona.


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