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The good, the bad and the ugly of 7-day fasting

Image by marijana1 from Pixabay

I’m not new to fasting. But this was an entirely different experience for me.

Before I tell you how my 7-day juice fast went – which was created by The Institute for Aliveness, founded by Andréa Paige – I need to tell you why I fast.

Fasting isn’t new. It’s been around for centuries, and while it is something people do for their health now, it has links to various religions and cultures.

There are lots of different types of fasts. When I want to enter a ketogenic state, where my body is preferring to use fat for energy instead of carbs, the fastest way to manage that is with a three-day water fast. That’s right – I don’t eat anything for three days, and I only drink water (sometimes with a little lemon – you know, just to spice my life up).

Intermittent fasting is booming right now and involves cycling between periods of eating and fasting. Sometimes for a few hours, sometimes days. OMAD – One Meal a Day – has been gaining in popularity among San Francisco types. You know, those people that queue for the latest Apple products, while dressing like a vaguely homeless ass.

Fasting helps decrease blood sugar levels, fights inflammation, may help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, can boost brain functions, boosts your metabolism, can increase levels of human growth hormone, and might even aid in cancer prevention, according to all the latest available science.

The Initiation

The Institute of Aliveness’ program, called The Initiation, is a different type of fast for me.

Lasting seven days (yes, you read that right), you abstain from all solid foods. But instead of a water fast – like I’m used to – you drink juices that are made from fruit and vegetables and are strained to within an inch of their lives to remove the fiber.

Now let’s get something really clear from the get-go. I’ve got to this ripe old age of mine without having even set foot near a blender or mixer for the purposes of making anything remotely healthy.

Sure, I’ve mixed up some cake batter in my time, but until The Initiation, I had made a total of zero green juices.

Thankfully, I took to it like a duck to water.

My next batch of juices was even better than the first, and I became a green juicing convert in the space of 24 hours. Why the hell had it taken me so long? Who knows, but it’s now in my toolkit for the future.

The good

Every day, I felt better. My energy levels started to increase. I was super productive. My mind was clear. I’ve felt this before when fasting, but this was different.

Oh, and something about this juice fast is different from my usual three-day water fast. Every single time I do a water fast, I get a headache. And I’m not talking about a mild pain, either. I’m talking about the kind of debilitating brain fuck that leaves you unable to function as a human.

Oh, and this might be TMI, but I didn’t have to take a dump once during the fast, or for two days after. If you’re worried about a second wave of lockdowns, and all the toilet roll going missing from your supermarket, go on a juice fast. 😉

The bad

Once I got the weekend, things took a little slide. You see, all that productivity kept me distracted. But on Saturday, I had a break from work. I could just rest up and focus on relaxation and recuperation. Which, it turns out, was a problem.

I started to think more about solid food because I wasn’t distracting myself with helping to build Badass Times, and all our other Badass Empire tasks. I started to catch the smells of local people grilling their freshly caught fish. It was a fucking torture, at times, and I got seriously moody. You wouldn’t want to have been around me that day – I might have snapped your head off for no reason at all.

The ugly

I feel bad for not revealing this in my daily videos, but one day, I really fucked up. Royally so.

We went out on the fifth night of the fast, and for some reason, instead of being good, the devil on my shoulder convinced me to order vodka, clean. I remember googling “does vodka break a fast?”…

The next morning, I was projectile throwing up into the “big white telephone.” What a stupid, idiotic thing to do. It was a nightmare. I’ve seen horror movies that are more palatable than this.

Key takeaway: no alcohol during any type of fasting. You’ll thank me later for saving your ass.

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Written by Stewart Rogers

Editor-in-Chief at Badass Times. Co-founder of Badass Empire. Digital nomad, speaker musician, photographer, badass.


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