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Design your life: How I turned it from a mess to success

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Eight years ago I became a freelancer and jumped out from 9/5 office work. It was extremely challenging and rewarding at the same time to be my own boss and work when I want, how I want, and where the fuck I want.

I didn’t think too much about time management at that time as I have finally got my freedom! I was extremely happy to start working anytime during the day or even at night if I was inspired enough. I couldn’t get rid of the thought “Freelance means freedom.” And it’s true. But let’s dig deeper into this.

Since my travel time started, I’ve been to different countries and worked on various projects (in the office and out of it). After understanding myself better and defining what am I best at and what I love to do, I’ve got big goals and dreams. And they never come alone. They come with hard work.

Here started a nightmare

Why? Because I was constantly distracted and could barely get my shit done. I’ve planned a lot of stuff and in order to get closer to my goals, I had to structure my day. But I didn’t know how. I’ve heard nothing about the Google Calendar or planners back at that time. My thoughts were a mess, my daily routine was a mess, I was anxious and lost. I thought that I would never handle it all and as a result would never make my dreams come true.

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What helped me to get out of the loop?

Few years ago I had a chance to join a startup. I’ve met dozens of successful, intelligent, and very interesting people. I’ve attended and helped organize events for the digital community. Connections with entrepreneurs, remote workers, and digital nomads helped me to learn a lot.

Sharing is caring.

I gained (and I still do) tons of new knowledge from others. Google Calendar and planning apps became a part of my daily routine. But I was still struggling with checking off the boxes of my list. Moreover, I’ve got fear to even try working on new projects. But one day my life changed.

If you leave your time to randomness, you are stealing from your greatness.

Brendon Burchard

Having a calendar doesn’t mean using it right.

It’s all about the difference between starting the day in reaction mode, versus creating “block time” to get the most important things done.

What does “block time” mean?

It means that you block time in your calendar with tasks, meetings, events, and even small things like reading or going to the swimming pool. And I’ve been doing this before. But the mistake was blocking only some time and leaving the rest of the day to randomness. Then bit by bit, hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year NOTHING WAS DONE!

If it’s not in the calendar, it will not get done

It feels like you have more free time leaving those hours to whatever you’d be inspired to do, but the reality shows that you simply get distracted. And eventually, you don’t have free time at all, because you are not moving forward and need to work even more.

Free time = Discipline

Today I am combining scheduling in the apps and making notes, setting goals in my Passion Planner, which is a real badass notebook.

Start designing your life, and check what happens in a week, month, year.

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Written by Victoria Loskutova

Chief Creative Officer at Badass Times, Co-founder of Badass Empire, journalist, rebel, badass.


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