Badass Show with Tina Woods – a serial entrepreneur and author of “Live Longer with AI”

Badass Show is a raw-and-real talk show with no holds barred. Victoria interviews badass digital entrepreneurs on their life, career, wins, fuckups, fears, and struggles along the way. Honest and bold conversations show people as they are and are aimed to inspire the digital community.

Last Tuesday, on the 20th of October, Victoria had a nice chat on Badass Show with Tina Woods, founder, and CEO of Collider Health and Collider Science, and co-founder of Longevity International on AI, health, equipping the next generation, and longevity.

Three of the most active people (with the most interesting questions) during the show had a chance to win Tina’s book – “Live Longer with AI”.

Will humans be able to live for 250 years soon? How does AI help us live longer and better? What is our duty in order to live a much longer and better life? You can know the answers to these questions and more in the episode below. But first, here is…

A bit of it

  • On your opinion, is COVID-19 a message to the world? If yes, what is that message?

The message is: do what you can to keep healthy and well, yourself, your friends, and family. Because the big thing we’ve learned from COVID-19 is how people in poor health and people in the poorest health, unfortunately, are linked to social deprivation and equality. But keeping in good health develops your resilience to the virus, and of course, as you age, your health tends to decline. We’re going back to the science of aging when we are learning how our body effectively gets damaged at a fundamental level. And of course, what’s interesting is what you will do to repair that damage, prevent the damage happening from the first place and then, hopefully, live 250.

But, effectively, that’s what we’ve learned from COVID. So, do what you can to stay healthy and well at whatever age. You can do something at whatever age to help improve your health. So biological age is a really interesting concept. We all know what chronological age is based on your date of birth. But biological age is a measure of your inherent health, how healthy you are. So I think anything that can help you keep your biological age at a good level and work with the understanding, knowing what we know now from the science, and what can keep us in good health – that’s the big message.

Watch the full interview below.

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Written by Victoria Loskutova

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