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Badass Show with son on of a pitch and unicorn wrangler Michael Koenka

Badass Show is a raw-and-real talk show with no holds barred. Victoria interviews badass digital entrepreneurs on their life, career, wins, fuckups, fears, and struggles along the way. Honest and bold conversations show people as they are and are aimed to inspire the digital community.

In this episode, Vic interviewed Michael Koenka, the founder of MDK // Amsterdam, pitch advisor and unicorn wrangler for companies and investors, and the author of the podcast “Son of a Pitch.” Tune in this very interesting conversation on success, social impact, personal and career development, and a unique perspective on life!

Bit of it

  • What is the best advice you’ve been ever given?

– Do I have his book here? (looking for it) Derek Burney; for those of you who don’t know this man, Derek Burney helped negotiate the North American Trade Agreement. He was a professor of mine, and this man was friends with all kinds of dignitaries and everything. He was up there in terms of, you know, experts and professionals in the political space.

I sat in his office after my master’s course with him, and I told him what I wanted to do; that I wanted to have an impact on people’s lives and see tangible results, and how the world runs. He was like, “Get the fuck out of politics. Don’t ever go to political science or politics. Go into the private sector, go into more commercial sectors. You’ll actually see real results happen.”

Shortly after that, I got a job at the Department of Foreign Affairs, and I realized that he was right. And then after that jumped into Oliver Wyman, and then the trading firm, and stuff like that.

His advice was inspirational because he had years, decades under his belt in the public sector. And for him to turn around and say, “Don’t waste your time. You are too smart for the public sector, go to the private, and do something”, was like… I didn’t even think he noticed me! He was like the hot girl in class, you know, I didn’t even think she saw me! And he just turned around and said, “Yeah, you are one of the smartest kids in the class. Don’t fucking do that, don’t go to the public sector.” And I was like, “Am I?” So that was the advice that changed my path and made me focus on more impactful, more tangible actions.

Watch the full interview below.

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