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Badass Show with Simon Dunlop – serial entrepreneur & co-founder of Instreamatic

Badass Show is a raw-and-real talk show with no holds barred. Victoria interviews badass digital entrepreneurs on their life, career, wins, fuckups, fears, and struggles along the way. Honest and bold conversations show people as they are and are aimed to inspire the digital community.

In our latest Badass Show, Vic interviewed Simon Dunlop, a serial entrepreneur with a lot of experience building businesses in online media and CPG sectors, and co-founder of Instreamatic. Simon and his team serve advertisements that people can speak with. Well, the future is here, and voice is a powerful tool for connecting people and gadgets, cars, homes, etc. Great user experience makes it even easier for people to engage.

Victoria talked to Simon on the voice power, AI, entrepreneurship, and its bumpy road.

A bit of it

  • During your career what bumps did you have on the road, and what advice can you give others to avoid them?

Oh, man…Victoria, so many bumps! Running out of money when you are a startup is always a difficult one. You know that feeling, when you burn through your savings, but you believe in projects, and you gotta keep it going.

So I think there’s a lesson in that. As long as you can keep your business alive, you can do something with it. At the moment when you shut the doors on it – it’s dead. And that’s the end. If you keep a team together, no matter weather it is a reduced team, just a couple of people coming in and cranking away on something, you can cook up something interesting out of that, even if it means pivoting into something new.

It’s hard not to talk in cliches when you talk about startups, but it’s the old “just never give up”! Just be like that ruthlessly determined person, who can push through the really bad and really tough times. I know so many entrepreneurs, and I don’t think I know any of them who haven’t been through these periods… I guess, an overnight instant success exists, but it’s truly rare. The entrepreneurs that I know have had to push through really tough times, and I think it’s been extremely difficult. The great thing is that there is the network of entrepreneurs that’s just got bigger, and the barriers to becoming an entrepreneur is so much lower, that there are a lot more resources for finding support, and your tribe to kind of get you through those tough patches.

Watch the full show below.

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Written by Victoria Loskutova

Chief Creative Officer at Badass Times, Co-founder of Badass Empire, journalist, rebel, badass.


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