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Badass Show with mathematical entrepreneur, humanist, and AI specialist Brian Dolan

Badass Show is a raw-and-real talk show with no holds barred. Victoria interviews badass digital entrepreneurs on their life, career, wins, fuckups, fears, and struggles along the way. Honest and bold conversations show people as they are and are aimed to inspire the digital community.

The guest of this Badass Show episode is Brian Dolan, CEO of Verdant AI – an Enterprise Grade Artificial Intelligence Startup Studio, mathematical entrepreneur, and AI guru. Dive in the honest and bold conversation on building AI companies, humanism, tech, personal development, wins, and fuckups with Brian.

Bit of it

  • What do you suck at and how do you improve?

I’ve sucked at a lot of things. If this is supposed to be a point where I can give somebody good advice, then I would say that the thing I’ve sucked at for a long time was managing technical people. Having been a tech person you often think that you know your direct reports’ job, and therefore you should correct them. And I’m here to tell you, “Don’t do that!”

I was bad at trying to understand that other people need to make mistakes, and go on a path after having a question in their minds, and have frustration, and get through that frustration, and then understand what they need to do. I was very bad at being patient with people as they learn. I don’t think I got angry (maybe I did, you have to ask people I work with). I was like, “Oh, you are not getting that, let me show you,” and then feeling like I’m being helpful. It was without realizing that you only learn things when you have a question in your mind the answer on which you want to know. And if I just show you how to do it, you will never have a question like, “How do I make a computer beep?” If you never ask yourself that and you are not getting frustrated by not getting the answer, when I teach you, it won’t resonate with you at all. It won’t inhabit the context of the rest of the learning you have. It’ll be a sort of outliner… Ok, can I just tell one technical fact?

A mathematical definition of information is the resolution of uncertainty, it reduces to that. So if you don’t have uncertainty – you haven’t gained information. If you are not wondering and you haven’t struggled with it, you are never going to gain information.

Watch the full interview below.

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Written by Victoria Loskutova

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