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Badass Show with Akash Mehta: from work at Dior to Forbes 30 under 30 and his own brand

Badass Show is a raw-and-real talk show with no holds barred. Victoria interviews badass digital entrepreneurs on their life, career, wins, fuckups, fears and struggles along the way. Honest and bold conversations show people as they are and are aimed to inspire the digital community.

Starting his career at 22, Akash Mehta was the youngest manager at Estee Lauder Companies and Senior Global Digital Manager at Dior. Focusing on the affiliate, influencer, and social media marketing, Mehta generated $50M+ in Earned Media Value with micro-influencers, tripled-growth in influencer sales, and built Dior’s own affiliate program for influencers/webzines. He’s got in Forbes’ 30 under 30 in Media & Marketing, and now, together with his sister Nikita, he’s developing his own brand Fable&Mane, using the best Indian beauty secrets for healthy and glowing hair.

During Badass Show Victoria talked to Akash about his career path, personal and professional growth, pros and cons of working in big corporations, and, of course, beauty secrets.

A bit of it

  • What was the moment when you understood that you were successful or even famous in a way?

All these vanity goals, like Forbes and stuff, they never really fulfilled me. They are great and obviously they mean a lot, and very exciting to have, but they never fulfilled a place in my heart, because I’ve never been chasing any titles. For me it’s about knowing that you’ve accomplished something different. So I think the biggest moment when I felt like really proud of myself or like I’ve done something so outstanding was at certain meetings at Dior, when I launched something. I was the youngest at the big board of a lot of older people, who’ve got much more experience than I, and they said “Wow, you’ve changed Dior in a way!” That was definitely one of the biggest proudest moments. But I guess, if I would say about one moment that was really cool, that would be probably the moment when I’ve got Forbes 30 under 30.

Watch the full interview below!

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Written by Victoria Loskutova

Chief Creative Officer at Badass Times, Co-founder of Badass Empire, journalist, rebel, badass.


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