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Badass non-profit: GivePower’s solar power plant turns ocean water into drinking water

Every month we pick one cool non-for-profit organization that we love and write about it. We want to support all the badass people out there who do big things in order to change the world and help others.

Often we forget to be grateful for the standard of living that we have: perfectly designed homes, great quality food, clean drinking water. More than 2 billion people have no such privileges. 2.5 billion people don’t have access to improved sanitation, and 750 million lack fresh, drinkable water.

In some countries, people have to drink dirty or salty water from the ocean, because they have no choice. What’s the result? All kinds of diseases: ulcers on the skin, failed kidneys and other organs, and death.

GivePower provides solar energy solutions to developing regions that need them the most. They installed the first-ever solar power plant that transforms ocean water into clean drinking water! 35,000 people can slake their thirst 24/7 with the fresh water that these solar plants produce.

The pilot test of the first solar power plant that GivePower installed had massive success in August 2019 in Kiunga, Kenya. Before that people had to bathe, wash their clothes in, and drink salty water.

It was regrettable to see all those children who got scars on their stomachs and knees because of the salt in their wounds. This water was poisoning all of the people who live there — Hayes Bernard, president at  GivePower

Now there are no borders for GivePower. They’re continuing the great work in other countries. No need to mention the impact this project does on our planet and what its help means to people, who finally can satisfy their basic needs.

You can know more about GivePower, become their partner, or donate to make a change in the world here. Let us create the world we want to live together!

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Written by Victoria Loskutova

Chief Creative Officer at Badass Times, Co-founder of Badass Empire, journalist, rebel, badass.


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