4 easy steps to getting more customers

I know. You are hustling daily 24/7, trying all you can do to grow your business and get more customers. And let’s be honest, you wake up every morning, hoping new clients will just magically appear in your mailbox.

Well, it should have happened by now. Especially because you might have bought a freaking cool package on how to make your first six figures in a few months. But it just has not happened to you yet. Been there, done that! I’ve struggled too.

getting more customers
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While now I have all the right expertise that you need to make shit happen. I could not make it happen for years. My budget was way too small to spend thousands of Euros on the Facebook campaigns people recommend. I couldn’t. I also had to be smart with my money.

So I talked to LinkedIn experts, and they shared the secrets with me. I automated my sales process and found ambassadors. And now, I finally found the tactics that can help me get clients every month. I can keep doing what I love to do – one-on-one sales, marketing coaching, and empowering my coachees by improving their sales and marketing strategy – so they could start getting paid.

And if you bought an expensive program that promised you the moon and stars and all you’ve got was stardust, don’t worry, it was not a waste of your money. You have learned the marketing game, strategies, and tactics. Now you need to implement it! Test, test, test is the keyword.

But let’s face it. The testing can also take you forever.

You need to focus on getting more clients now. These four steps are super easy, and you can start working on them immediately. And yes, these steps, with the right strategy, will help you land more customers.

  1. Just pick up the phone. It is the best and easiest way to connect with your customers. Find their profiles on LinkedIn, see if they are the right match for you by scrolling through their profiles. Don’t ever try to sell your service on the first call. The first call is to get to know each other, share what you can provide, and ask if that person has 10-15 minutes to spare, so you can show them how you can help them reach their goals.
  2. Create ambassadors. Seriously, start using LinkedIn and start creating ambassadors. Connect with people, do that first call to understand their business. Like their posts, build relationships. You will have ambassadors for life. Ambassadors are your perfect sales team: one that you do not have to pay but that absolutely loves to help out. They will help you work on getting more customers much faster. I get 70-80% from my business from LinkedIn, no joke.
  3. Have you ever heard of Snitcher? Download it and try it out. It precisely tells you which company visited your website. Have they stayed longer than 20 seconds? Then you can be sure they did not see your website by mistake. They might even need you. Find the decision-maker on LinkedIn and start connecting. Please do not be creepy though, don’t say that you saw that the person visited your website.
  4. Ambassador program. People that like your posts all the time, saying you are doing a badass job are your faithful ambassadors. They are your cheerleaders; they want you to succeed. Set up an ambassador program just for them. Tell them they get 20% or whichever percentage you feel comfortable with for every sale. I do the same. 

Need more help? Let’s connect! Set up a 30-minute free strategic call with me or email me at We will get you started immediately!

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